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Clinic Interior Design

Dedicated clinic workspace interior solutions with minimalistic
designs by IDesign. A stress-free environment for patients.


As a “workplace interior design” demands productive environments, a clinic requires stress-free, relaxed and soothing surroundings. Here the designers should consider the psychology of the visitors or patients. The patient should sense the feel of comfort or relaxation at a clinic, and therefore the design strategy should be executed accordingly. The lighting should be adequately bright as the doctor’s job demands the same. We are one of the leading hospitality interior design firms in Dubai. Our designers at IDesign are well aware of the clinic-specific aspects. We usually adopt a minimalistic design style when it comes to clinic interiors.


The clinic waiting area and reception should be welcoming. The visitor might have to wait at the waiting area for a considerable period of time. Therefore, the design elements should help to comfort the person. The design elements and the overall colour combination must be appealing to the visitors. We make use of the apt properties and furniture to bring in a tranquil feel. The reception and the waiting area are not meant to be stuffed with too many materials or artworks.

Dental Clinic Interior Design Dubai

ENT clinics or dental clinics require adequate, functional and efficient storage areas to store appliances, medicines and devices. We talk to you about the specific requirements and execute our design strategy accordingly. Our expert designers come up with design solutions that are highly practical complementing the workflow. When it comes to health and safety norms, our designs strictly abide by the rules and regulations. Our design standards are on a par with other renowned international designer brands. We ensure the quality of work and make use of sustainable and durable materials. A well-lit and designed, technologically up-to-date doctor’s and patients’ room would instil trust in the patients.


Make your patients smile by providing them effective treatment

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